What Wedding Flowers Do I Need?

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One common misconception when wedding planning is that you need to have flowers for everybody in your wedding party and/or on every table, in every room and at every venue you will be visiting on the day.

If you only want a bouquet, buttonhole and arrangements that can be transported from your ceremony to your reception venue, that’s perfectly okay. Likewise, if you want to go all out and have flower girls, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and full floral decor in all locations, then you absolutely can. It really comes down to budget and personal preferences.  

Today we’re looking at all of the arrangements you might want to consider for your venue(s) and wedding party, and helping you to decide which matter most to you...


Let’s start with the bride(s). Not all brides have bouquets, but most do. Traditionally, bouquets signified new beginnings, and while this still rings true, the bouquet is the perfect accessory to carry (which also helps you to know what to do with your hands in photos). If you decide you would like to have a bouquet, the things to think about are the size, shape, colour palette and type of flowers (ones with meaning, ones which complement your outfit, ones which complement your stature and ones that are scented/unscented).

Another option available for the bridal look is floral hair accessories, in addition to or instead of a bouquet. Floral crowns continue to be popular and can actually be worn with or without a veil. A big trend for 2019 is hair combs and pins, and we’re starting to see this come through into weddings too - embellished with fresh flowers or individual buds as a modern, luxury alternative to the more boho floral crown. If you decide on floral hair accessories, the most important things to think about are how your hair will be styled, what will suit your hair colour best and other jewellery you will be wearing.


Those finishing touches are so important so adding a boutonniere to the groom’s jacket or attached to his shirt or braces in the summer months completes the look of the outfit. This is typically a single flower pinned on the left side (where the heart is) in the same or similar colour as your partner - traditionally to show support of each other. However, a contemporary twist on this is to use foliage or succulents, or even to accessorise with badges, keys or toy characters! If you decide on a boutonniere, consider whether this is going to be with a tie or bow-tie, whether the colour matches the suit and the rest of the floral decor and whether you want to get creative to make it more personal.


Again, a buttonhole or boutonniere completes the outfit. These are usually slightly simpler versions of that of the groom’s - smaller in size or with fewer ingredients.


Despite tradition, it is not absolutely necessary for your bridesmaids to carry a bouquet but it does give them something to do with their hands as they are walking in front of the bride down the aisle and of course, makes attractive wedding photos! The choice is yours really; it could be that these are given to the younger ones if you aren’t having flower girls. Bridesmaid’s bouquets are usually smaller than that of the bride’s and incorporates the same colour theme as the rest of your wedding. If you decide on bridesmaid bouquets, ask them what they would feel comfortable holding and look at what will work well with the bridal bouquet, any floral hair accessories and of course, the outfits.

Wearing a corsage on the wrist is also an option. A corsage leaves their hands free for helping out, dancing and drinking! This is a subtle and cost-effective way to finish their look, while still maintaining consistency. Some of our clients feel they are more suitable for proms than weddings, but it’s all about what you like, and personally, we love them for their symbolism of love, respect and friendship.


Your little flower girls are unlikely to want to carry a full bouquet of flowers, so a smaller floral wand/posie, or a small basket of petals/confetti are just perfect. Simple flower crowns in their hair also makes a girl of any age feel like a princess. If you decide on having flower girls, also ask them what they would feel comfortable holding and look at what will work well with the bride and bridesmaids, any floral hair accessories and of course, the outfits.


Parents and grandparents probably shouldn’t be missed out, after all they are family! Corsages which can be pinned to a jacket or dress are ideal for both the mother(s) and grandmother(s) or can be worn on the wrist. If they didn’t want to wear one, perhaps attaching it on a handbag is an option - that way the flowers won’t get squashed with all those hugs at the wedding!

A buttonhole or boutonniere can be worn by the father or grandfather of the bride(s)/groom(s) on the lapel of their jacket. These are often the same design as the best man’s or groomsmen’s.

It’s usually best to purchase corsages and boutonnieres from the same florist or as a minimum request the same ingredient(s) in the same colour(s) as used in the bride(s)/groom(s) arrangements for everything to work best together on the day.


Let’s not forget any animals that you might have as part of your special day too. We’ve seen floral crowns and garlands on everything from dogs and cats to llamas, pigs, sheep and horses - and we’re here for it! We suspect that if you are already going all out and inviting an alpaca, owl or rabbit to your wedding, you won’t mind splashing out on a few flowers for them too (don’t worry, we’re not judging)!


You can be as simple or lavish as you want regarding your choice of flowers and size of arrangements at your wedding ceremony. Bear in mind the actual venue where your ceremony is taking place as this will have an impact on the amount of flowers you actually need. Flowers can most definitely transform a venue but for some venues you just don’t need an elaborate floral arch or floral wall to stand in front of to say “I do”. A couple of large pedestal arrangements and flowers on the pew ends or draped over the backs of chairs may suffice.

It is usually nice to have flowers over entrances/doorways as that is where you are starting your walk to marriage, if, of course you are getting married inside. If you are getting married in a venue which has a natural elegance and beauty, you won’t need many flowers. A garland over the mantlepiece of a fireplace can work its magic. If for example you are walking down the aisle in a summer meadow setting, the simplicity of a floral arch and a row of natural summer flowers lining the aisle is all you may need. Creating that natural, beauty look is something special.


For the reception, again, consider the actual venue. Think about the size and shape of the tables and the height of ceilings/doors. Do you want tall or low centrepieces or perhaps a garland for long tables. Are you just having floral table decorations or hanging installations such as flowers draping down from chandeliers? Are you, the bride(s)/groom(s), going to make an entrance via a staircase? In which case, do you want flowers going down the stairs, perhaps just at the bottom or none at all? If your reception is in a marquee do you want to hide the marquee poles/pillars with flowers?

It is completely up to you how detailed you want to go - whether you want table setting decorations or just centrepieces, whether you want chair backs and cake flowers. As mentioned earlier, the flowers you use at your wedding ceremony can be transported and used at your reception venue.

There are so many decisions to make but it all comes down to what you really like and what matters most to you as a couple. Even the simplest of floral decor has the power to completely transform a room or outfit.

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