Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

Planning a wedding or event can be expensive. From venue hire to photography, entertainment to catering, and outfits to decor, it can all quickly add up! This means that it’s vital to set a budget and to determine the most important aspects to you. For many, that will include flowers, so today we wanted to share some insight into how we price our floral designs for weddings and events. Here we will delve into why hiring a florist can take up a significant part of your budget but is completely worthwhile (ok, maybe we’re a little biased)!

There are two key factors that impact the price of floral decor for weddings and events:

  • The flowers and arrangements

  • The florist(s)

Each of these can be broken down into even more aspects and that’s why we work with you to really get to grips with what you want from your floral designs. Let’s explore these factors and everything we have to ask you about during our consultation(s)…

The Flowers and Arrangements

There are a few things we have to take into consideration when it comes to floral arrangements and flower selections:

  • Types of flowers

    • There are so many different types of flowers and many varieties within each type as well. Take the humble rose as an example - you can have the classic shaped rose, the large headed spray rose, the classic spray rose, the garden rose, scented roses, unscented roses… not to mention every colour they can come in!

  • Budget

    • We will be able to advise which arrangements are possible within your budget.

  • Venue

    • If your venue is a blank canvas, it may need more floral decor, which can increase cost.

  • Quality

    • We carefully select our suppliers and flowers for their premium quality.

  • Imported vs local

    • We have cultivated relationships with suppliers from the UK, the Netherlands and further afield to ensure that we use the freshest seasonal blooms and foliage.

  • Time of year, size and colours

    • Many people think that seasonality is the main factor when it comes to cost. The cost and availability of each stem does vary according to the time of year. For example, Lilacs in August will cost more than Lilacs in May, red Roses will cost more around Valentine’s Day and it’s very hard to find Peonies in winter. But while season does mean that certain flowers will be at their best, will be more readily available and therefore cheaper, actually, the main driving force is usually the ratio of blooms to foliage and the overall size of arrangements. The larger the display, the more stems that are required.

  • Amount (stem count)

    • We use a high stem count to present a lush and full finish from every angle.

The Florist(s)

  • Time - When it comes to paying for the florist’s time, it’s not just about labour. Florists work incredibly hard behind the scenes, as well as being there on the day of the wedding or event. When you hire us, you are often paying for:

    • Communicating and admin

      • Enquiries and consultation(s)

      • Trip to the London flower market together to explore possibilities

      • Quoting, contracting and invoicing

      • Liaising with the planner, venue and other vendors (such as cake designer)

      • Designing the arrangements and sharing mock-ups

    • Sourcing, ordering and collecting flowers (larger arrangements take more time to create and can complicate logistics. Most people don’t know that wholesale flowers are supplied through auction less than a week before your event, and therefore the price Miriam Faith is charged is not guaranteed in advance)

    • Hiring of vases, urns, arches, candles, other props and consumable supplies – such as wire, ribbon and oasis foam (these may be sourced separately)

    • Treating the flowers - making sure they are at their best for the wedding/event

    • Arranging the flowers (plus insurance to protect them until and on the day)

    • Delivering, installing and moving the flowers between venues

    • Clearing away and/or preserving your arrangements

  • Skill/Style - Florist pricing can vary based on knowledge and expertise. Despite being highly experienced and professional luxury wedding florists, we are constantly learning more and undergoing training to hone our craft - whether this is through doing styled shoots when we aren’t working on real weddings and events, or speaking to other florists and engaging with potential/previous clients. As florists gain more experience, they often develop and refine their own style, meaning they have more clarity on how they do their best work and who they do this with. For us, this is about creating elegant, breathtaking and unique floral arrangements with a lush, full-finish, using premium quality flowers. When you hire us, you work with our lead designer to bring your vision to life, so you will always receive input from the highest skill level we have to offer.

  • Team - At Miriam Faith, our lead designer (Miriam Webster) is supported by other team members, therefore additional costs may be factored into your quote. When pricing our designs, we have to consider our payments to the team for their time and skill, along with the time for us to brief and train where necessary. For larger arrangements, it takes more people to assemble these who will be required to be available on the day so this is included in the costing.

So as you can see, it’s more than just selecting flowers and arranging them! We are so passionate about what we do and are dedicated to listening to your needs/wants. We pride ourselves in being upfront about what will be involved, with our aim always being to create unforgettable memories for you and complement the celebratory atmosphere of your wedding or event.

Floral decor can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your wedding/event and of course, your photos, so getting it right is really important. Every wedding and event is unique and we LOVE that we are able to create bespoke designs for each client. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we can provide more accurate costs and share our top tips for more cost-effective designs.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.