5 Wedding Flower Trends For 2020

5 Wedding Flower Trends For 2020

For years, trends have been a love or loathe factor for those planning weddings. For some couples, being ‘on-trend’ and having a super stylish day has been essential whereas others have opted to go completely against the grain. But 2020 looks set to change that, as for the first time, it seems that many couples are aligned - no longer seeing these as trends, but as a conscious choice which is no longer just about them and their guests, but something that impacts on a much wider scale…


Perhaps unsurprisingly, eco-friendly and sustainable weddings are the number one trend for 2020 (and we expect for a number of years following this). Weddings are no longer just about the aesthetic, impressing others and making them Insta-worthy - more couples want to reflect their own values, use their wedding to inspire family and friends, and consider the impact on the environment. We’re all for this and love seeing the different ways it can be achieved, but rest assured, it’s completely possible while maintaining all the romance, glamour and elegance!

One of the ways we’ve been achieving this over the years is sourcing locally grown, seasonal British flowers as much as possible - not only keeping them fresh and high quality, but reducing our carbon footprint too. We also encourage our couples to only order what they really need and gift or preserve their arrangements after the day - emphasising the reduce, reuse, recycle messaging.

We work alongside a number of vendors for each wedding and event we do, and we’re seeing an increase in couples choosing more ethical, local and organic options. From the catering to clothing and beyond, plastic-free, zero-waste, planet-friendly weddings aren’t just a hot trend, they’re considered a must by most.


Although hot pink/fuchsia is expected to be Pantone’s colour of the year 2020, continuing with the eco-friendly feel for weddings and events, we’re anticipating a rise in more natural floral arrangements. We’re already big fans of the colours and fragrances that come from using greenery - even working on our very own, Kirsty’s succulents and foliage theme for her special day. There’s nothing synthetic about weddings in 2020, with couples opting for blooms already with an abundance of scent and an ethereal colour palette of sand, sage and eco green, white, grey and lavender with just a pop of mellow yellow.


Amongst all that greenery, couples are choosing to have fewer flowers - cutting down on how many they need (reducing cost + waste) whilst still making a statement. We’ve been creating designs like these for a long time, particularly for tall centrepieces filled with hydrangea, pom pom guelder roses, peonies and cafe au lait dahlias. Combining foliage and bigger blooms is a great way to fill a larger/higher space and also brings in the fairytale-esque trend we’ve seen come back around more recently.


There’s definitely a common theme to the trends and predictions for 2020 - it’s all about the world we live in. We’ve seen meadows becoming a popular ceremony location, with wild and dried flowers being used indoors and outdoors. On tables you’ll find herbs used as decor - again bringing those natural fragrances and colours. In bouquets, centrepieces and arches you’ll see a much wilder creation rather than the pared-back hand-tied, carefully precise designs. Things no longer have to be neat and perfect, instead behaving how they would in nature - a very relaxed, unstructured vibe.


So while all floral arrangements are more eco-conscious than ever, it’s still really important to our couples to have something meaningful to them. Perhaps they associate certain natural fragrances with their childhood or want to include something sentimental among their flowers to personalise it to them. Hyper-personalisation is all about a few, simple yet truly special additions that may only be known by the couple themselves and/or breaking tradition for something that resonates more with the newlyweds.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process or follow us on Instagram / Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

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