When To Start Thinking About Your Wedding Flowers

When To Start Thinking About Your Wedding Flowers

For most of our couples, wedding flowers are a big priority when it comes to their special day. Whether you’re as obsessed with them as we are or just know they’re going to really contribute to the overall look and feel of your decor, knowing when it’s time to find your florist is vital to ensure you get who and what you really want. Today we’ll be giving you some insight into the typical wedding planning process, of course with a focus on flowers…

Before approaching a wedding florist, it’s important to make the key decisions such as your budget, the date and making sure you can get the time off work (if either of you need to), the type of ceremony, a theme if you want one, your colour palette and your main wedding party. If you’re working with a wedding planner, often they’ll have a process for you to go through covering all of these areas in the best order but if you’re not sure, you might like to start by using Pinterest for some inspiration and Google/Instagram to find some suppliers. Perhaps most importantly to a florist is that you find and book your venue(s) and that you’ve secured your dream outfit(s) for both of you - after all, these are the canvases for your floral arrangements.

Once you have the above sorted, it is never too soon to book a consultation with a florist. Most florists require at least six months lead time before your wedding date with some even being booked up a few years in advance. This can depend on whether your wedding day is in or out of season and your floral requirements but by securing your florist in good time (ideally 12-18 months ahead), we know that we can do our best work as we get to know you more and it is easier to achieve specific requests when planning further out. We’ve previously put together a post on what to ask a wedding florist before booking which will also give you some helpful hints as to what you need to have prepared. You might also like to read about what flowers you actually need.

Around the same time, it is advisable to secure some of your other key vendors including the photographer/videographer as again these get booked up quickly). Next on your list is decor and furniture/crockery as these have to work with your flowers. If you are opting for floral buds/crowns for hair then this is a good time to book your hairdresser, likewise if you are having real flowers on your cake, we recommend bringing in a cake designer at this stage.

Next up comes sending out invitations, arranging transport, menu tasting with caterers, landing the perfect entertainment and trialling makeup artist(s). Following this you should be looking to finalise your guest list, order/make your own stationery, look for any shoes/accessories and buy your wedding rings. By this stage, you’re ready to think about the details such as wedding favours, vows, music, gift list and the legal steps you need to take to make the marriage official, as well as getting your final fittings, rehearsals and vendor timings in the diary.

So as you can see, finding your wedding florist comes rather early on once your venue(s) and date are secured. This gives us time to visit the London flower market with you, source exactly what you’re looking for, create some truly elegant and unique designs and deliver with the utmost care.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process or follow us on Instagram / Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

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