How To Prioritise Your Wedding Budget

How To Prioritise Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget - something you know you have to face even though it’s the least exciting part of wedding planning! Today we’re here to help you to get started with prioritising how you’ll spend for your special day and of course, making sure your flowers are exactly how you imagined them to be…

When you are newly engaged, thinking about your budget isn’t anywhere near as thrilling as spending time on Pinterest or out meeting vendors. Unfortunately, it has to be done early on. How the budget is spent isn’t the only priority here - actually prioritising setting a budget is vital! Doing this after your first, crazy/excited Pinning-spree is key as not only do some vendors get booked up very quickly, it also helps to keep you in control and feeling empowered when looking through ideas and speaking to people.

The very first step is to determine how much you have to spend and what is the absolute maximum that is comfortably affordable to make your dreams a reality. It’s easy to look up what the average people spend on their weddings is and just as easy to run into debt. Pair this question with what impact does spending this amount have on other areas of your life and who is paying. Does it mean you are going to have to tighten the purse strings for the next twelve months? Does it mean you, your fiancé(e) or family member(s) will have to work extra hours? Does it mean that the family holiday is going to have to be cancelled this summer? There’s a common theme here - always keep in mind that it’s all about you as a couple. You shouldn’t have to go to extremes, find yourself comparing or have expectations of others to fund this big occasion.

Once you have this grand total, there’s something to consider before you work backwards into how it’s going to be spent. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. Just because the amount is there and somebody has offered to contribute, it doesn’t mean you want it all to go on one day. Perhaps knowing this amount will help you to think about your honeymoon and the next steps after you tie the knot. Often this is the first time many couples really think about their finances and their future together.

So you’ve determined how much you have available, where the money is coming from, how much you want to go ahead and use, it’s time to put the money separately (or at least create a separate account to keep adding to). Doing this makes it real and encourages you to more carefully consider using it.

The next thing for you to do is to make a list of everything. It’s better to do your research now and think of all aspects of a wedding rather than realising later that you haven’t budgeted for something. Usually the best way to do this is as a line list in a spreadsheet - even if you don’t want it, still put it in there at £0.00 to remind yourself that you thought about this and decided back at the beginning it wasn’t a priority for you.

Now everything is in one place, go through each one and work out what is most important to you both. You might like to do this separately the first time around so you aren’t influenced by the other person. Then come together to see which you jointly agree on. Whether you prefer to number, colour code or re-order, put a system in place based on where you can compromise vs what your non-negotiables are. Give yourself a day or more to take a breather from this before looking back through it together and deciding whether it is important to you or to your guests and whether it’s about celebrating or impressing.

As you discover how much things are actually going to cost, you can make a single conscious decision as to whether to let the price affect your priorities. Knowing the amounts can help you to put your money where your mouth is as to what you really deem a priority - either reinforcing the importance of this for you or making you realise it’s more of a nice-to-have. Most spreadsheets will let you freeze certain rows/columns/cells meaning you can’t adjust your priorities - this can be handy if you are prone to changing your mind! Remember, in some instances it may be that you need to discuss some cost-cutting methods with the vendors or your wedding planner rather than having to let go of that priority completely.

If wedding flowers are up there as a priority for you as a couple (as we hope they are), we recommend also prioritising the venue, decor and photography. These aspects are both the canvas a florist has to work on and the visual memories you will have to look back on the floral arrangements you chose. You might also like to read our blog post, What Wedding Flowers Do I Need? to help you to work on prioritising which floral designs are a must for you too!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process or follow us on Instagram / Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

How To Use Pinterest For Wedding Flowers Inspiration

How To Use Pinterest For Wedding Flowers Inspiration

Ah, Pinterest. The wonderful rabbit hole full of all the ideas and inspiration we could ever need for every aspect of our lives. Of course, the platform is extremely popular for those planning a wedding, but just how can you use it to choose wedding flowers without feeling completely overwhelmed? Today we’re sharing our top tips!


Even if you had a Pinterest board before you were engaged (go on, admit it!), it’s time to start a brand new one. Now it’s becoming a reality, what you envision can completely change and ideally, it will be a place you together as a couple can share visuals.


In these initial stages, you’ll want to pin everything and anything, so go for it. You don’t need to think about budget or what will/won’t work for your venue. By doing this, you’ll become more familiar with Pinterest, enjoy it and get everything out of your head!


Your time on Pinterest can be a whirlwind and before you know it, it’s 1am and you’re still saving buttonhole ideas. When it’s time to use the platform more purposefully, set aside a certain amount of time, assign floral aspects to each of you and make it a fun experience.


Whilst having a ‘master board’ of flower ideas can help you to get a clearer idea of the bigger picture you are going for, ultimately, breaking things down for the different floral arrangements, flowers, colours etc will help you and your florist.


Pinterest has a great feature whereby you can create boards within boards. This is the perfect way for you and your partner to pin your own things, discovering what each of you like and want, before you collectively agree which you are both into.


Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network, so when looking for pins, use the search bar as you would when typing in to Google. You can now use hashtags too, but a string of keywords e.g. “white hand tied bouquet” will be more effective at refining results.


We all change our minds, so before you keep adding to the boards, regularly go through and remove (or move) anything you no longer feel connected to. Keep in mind that if something doesn’t fit, you can still draw inspiration as to what you like about it.


This is a board with just a few images (around 7-12 pins will be sufficient) which inspires you most. It’s a collection of colours, prints/textures/patterns and styled photos which gives your florist an overall idea of the theme/trends you want to bring to life.


Pinterest is also an incredible place for information. For example, most of our pins link back to this blog where you can discover which flowers we used. Instead of just saving all of these images to boards, pick a few which you click through on to learn more.


It’s usually much easier to provide visual inspiration than it is to explain what you want to achieve, so by creating group boards and sharing these with your florist, this will cut down on the back-and-forth emailing between you both. But don’t go overboard on pins!


Utilise Pinterest’s secret boards to keep a few surprises and ideas hidden from your guests. If you and your fiancé/fiancée are both pinning, you can also keep some things to yourselves by using two separate accounts and sharing group boards.


It’s very easy to get caught up with Pinterest and want to replicate exactly what you’ve seen. This can make things difficult for your florist (who you’ve chosen because of their own unique style) and of course, won’t always work in the space/budget you have.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process or follow us on Instagram / Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

A Timeless Luxury London Wedding

We know our couples are all about finesse when it comes to planning their dream wedding and the one we are bringing you today is no different. Think grace, grandeur, richness and the epitome of beauty, right in the heart of London…

Chosen for its decadent luxury, sumptuous decor and opulent gardens, Home House in Marylebone was the venue for our couple, Vikki and Jonathan’s special day back in May this year. The private members club in a Georgian townhouse building is all about making the occasion one to remember. With a dramatic staircase, tall windows, magnificent fireplaces, parquet flooring, grand chandeliers and spacious adjacent gardens, it defines gracious entertaining and pleasure - exactly what its’ architects had envisioned. We get to work in some pretty incredible places and this is most definitely one of them.

Our brief was simple - blooms were to be the main decor for the wedding, the perfect combination of scents was important and the colour palette was to be blush and cream with gold accents. We’re not sure this could have been any more suited to us!

Led by designer, Miriam, we created two urns, two mantelpiece arrangements, pew ends, a rose petal welcome sign and seating plan, tall centrepieces on gold candelabra stands, low centrepieces in gold challis vases, the bridal bouquet, two bridesmaid bouquets, hair rose buds and buttonholes.

To maintain a consistent look and feel, we selected the same flowers and foliage for the fireplace, tall centrepieces and urns. Featuring the delicate, romantic cream Vendela Rose, abundant pom-pom shaped Hydrangea, extra-large, ivory cut Four Seasons Rose, smaller clusters surrounded by larger rings which come from the Guelder Rose, ruffled rich white blossoms of Bowl Of Cream Peony, the petite favourite of ours - the Bombastic Spray Rose, the graceful and sweetly scented Stocks and the small, oval-pointed leaves of Hornbeam. Finished with the exquisite, green-frilled Solomon Seal which bring ivory, bell-shaped hanging flowers and fantastic foliage. Our low centrepieces were also made up of these blooms, complete with blissful Sweet Peas which look like beautiful butterflies.

For the bride’s and bridal party’s flowers, we used our one-true-love, the large French White O’Hara Rose. It’s such a delightfully pure and aesthetic flower which is highly fragrant, more traditional in shape and has several soft layers of petals, each with a touch of pink, giving it a blush tone. Alongside this came another favourite of ours - the rosette-shaped Ranunculus which ALWAYS attracts attention with paper-thin petals, long stems and 3D effect. We also opted for Vendela Roses and Sweet Peas as seen in our larger arrangements, complemented by the shaded blossoms of what’s referred to as ‘a pincushion flower’, Scabiosa, the glossy-green leathery leaves of eucalyptus and fragrant evergreen, needle-like leaves of Rosemary. Finally, we used the strong and sweetly scented Jasmin to keep the fragrance in the air into the evening and the white spires and succulent leaves of Senecio.

We were huge fans of this project and delighted to be part of Vikki and Jonathan’s big day. It really was everything you would imagine a timeless luxury London wedding to be.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Photographer: Gyan Gurung Photography | Venue: Home House

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Naomi Neoh Lookbook Photoshoot

Whilst we LOVE working on weddings and events, we’re always honoured to be asked to design for lookbooks too. We are delighted to share our floral creations from the editorial shoot for the latest collection of luxury bridal wear by designer, Naomi Neoh…

What we especially like about Naomi Neoh’s brand is that it caters for all body shapes. She recognised that modern, romantic wedding dresses needed to be made more accessible to real women - just like those who make up her team across the UK and Europe. Each team member brings a diverse taste in designs and culture, along with a passion for fabrics, resulting in beautifully cut, contemporary collections. Even more amazing, every gown is tried on by the team, helping Naomi to envision her creations on real brides! Her newest range, named ‘Enchanted April’ is available at Mirror Mirror Couture - a London-based boutique which also holds many of her true classics. Combine Naomi’s simple or edgier dresses with Mirror Mirror’s design workroom where any style changes, fittings and alterations can be made for the perfect wedding dress shopping experience.

This Naomi Neoh lookbook which was going to be for Mirror Mirror, saw us invited in to create two bouquets to enrich her gorgeous gowns. Our lead designer, Miriam, carefully crafted a large hand-tied bridal bouquet with blush ribbon and a medium hand-tied bouquet with green ribbon…

Making up the medium bouquet was the rich creamy-white, double blossoms of Bowl of Cream Peony (the epitomy of sophistication!), delicate luminescent blossoms of Scabiosa, soft blush white petals of the Majolika Spray Rose, star-shaped Hellebores, dense white clusters from the Guelder Rose and tubular waxy white flowers of Jasmin. This was all completed with unique shapes and sizes of Fern and white, four-petalled Sweet Rocket.

The large bouquet also included all of the aforementioned flowers but was finished with oval and pointed leaves of Hornbeam, rich-green, tear-shaped leaves of Ruscus, distinctive (yet light and airy) cottage garden Aquilegia and our all-time favourite, White O’Hara Rose - the traditional rose shape with a tint of blush on the petals.

With several blooms on each stem, lush foliage, special symbolisms and complementing fragrances, these bouquets were to die for (if we do say so ourselves)! Of course, for a British designer, wherever possible, we sourced British blooms. Each flower and foliage selection was also made to reflect everything Naomi stands for - happiness, romance, modernism, purity, luxury and elegance. We’re really proud of the end result!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Photographer and Styling: Zosia Zacharia | Dresses: Naomi Neoh for the bridal boutique Mirror Mirror Couture | Model: Farrah Lia | Make up and Hair: Natalie Kamal Make up and Hair

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Nicki Macfarlane Lookbook Photoshoot

Today we’re taking you to a beautiful British beach for a photoshoot showcasing one of our favourite floral designs and some of the stunning dresses by Royal-Appointed children’s occasionwear designer, Nicki Macfarlane…

We adore working with a variety of vendors but we were particularly blown away when asked to create a floral backdrop for Nicki Macfarlane. If you haven’t previously heard the name, Nicki designed the four bridesmaid dresses for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, so it is truly an honour for us to work with her!

Nicki creates exquisite occasion outfits for boys and girls in a range of different styles and colour palettes. Designing for babies right through to aged fourteen, her garments are just perfect for weddings, parties, Eid, Christenings and First Holy Communions. Any item designed by Nicki Macfarlane is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

For this shoot, we headed to the beach at the lovely Sussex village of Camber - a popular coastal resort with miles of sandy shorelines. With an already stunning backdrop of an enchanting house set right beside the beach, we created a birch pole arch and surrounded it in glorious bright-coloured blooms using various sizes and textures. It was a pure joy to make!

Firstly we selected large, blowsy pink Peonies to epitomise elegance and complement the dresses. Soft clusters of purple Hydrangea in varying stages of bloom also made a star appearance - perfectly contrasting the luxurious combination of standard size and spray British Roses. The arch was finished off with the graceful, ruffled blooms of Stocks. We wanted our design to be indicative of happiness, warmth and affection, whilst also being eye-catching. Our creation was there to enhance the gorgeous flower girl and bridesmaid dresses, making everything about the shots feel magical and in the moment.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the photos are incredibly pretty and have captured the divine details so well! It was our absolute privilege to be involved.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding, event or photoshoot through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Children’s Occasionwear Designer: Nicki Macfarlane | Photographer: Michaela Greene | Venue: Camber Sands

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A Quintessential English Wedding

There’s something particularly charming about a classic wedding theme. Stripping everything back to what the day is really all about - a celebration of two people in love. Today we’re bringing you the details of a wedding which totally embraced this…

Our stunning couple, Sheyi and Simon wanted to maintain many aspects of a traditional British wedding, but one which also reflected their fun sides, love of music/dancing and Sheyi’s Ghanaian-Nigerian heritage. Family and friends are SO important to the couple; they wanted their special day to represent togetherness and for the whole atmosphere to be infectious with joy. The end result was exactly that.

This stylish navy and gold wedding was held at the grade II listed St James Church, based in Middlesex. A building with some simple yet striking characteristics - from the spire and high ceilings to the beautifully detailed stained glass windows. With plenty of light coming through, filling what was to be our canvas, we knew we could pare back and focus on fewer but fuller designs.

We worked with the happy couple to create large and small urns, with complementing pew ends. Each large urn was filled with the abundant blooms of white Hydrangea, curled-edged cream Vendela Roses, white Avalanche Roses, petite white Spray Roses, Phlox and the sweet-scented ruffled flowers of Stocks. While each small urn also had the evergreen, well-covered leathery leaves of Eucalyptus.

Following an i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e ceremony with a choir, live band, cheering and dancing, the couple and their guests headed to Hampton Court House in Surrey for a sophisticated outdoor afternoon tea in the gorgeous sunshine, closing the evening with a grand reception. This Georgian mansion has such exquisite ornamental gardens, glamorous period features and even a heart-shaped lake. Honestly, we’re not sure there are many venues more perfect for this theme than these!

Here we handcrafted wreath centrepieces for each table, surrounding glass cylinders and pillar candles. Keeping consistent with the urns, each wreath was carefully made with the same white Avalanche Roses, cream Vendela Roses, white Hydrangea, white Spray Roses and the simple greenery leaves of Phlox.

We can’t forget about the graceful blooms that made up the bridal bouquet too. With Sheyi having two wedding dresses, we wanted something which would complete the look for both elegant outfits. She selected a single flower to fill her bouquet, one which signified new beginnings, innocence, unity and purity. Of course, we’re referring to the classic domes of the Avalanche Rose - a white Rose with a hint of green around the outer petals. The lovely thing about this is as the flower opens, the green hue fades and turns back to almost white. Each one boasts a sturdy stem, topped with an oversized head and high petal count. GLORIOUS!

Another truly wonderful wedding, completely encapsulating everything that comes to mind when you think of a quintessential English wedding. We were delighted to be able to work with Sheyi and Simon to bring their vision to life.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Venue: Church - St James Church Hampton Hill Reception - Hampton Court House | Photography: Jay Rowden Wedding Photography | Cinematography: Adam Galwas | Planner: Ishari De Silva Weddings | Dress: Inbal Dror via Morgan Davies Bridal and Kosibah | Shoes: Jimmy Choo  | Accessories: Gillian Million | Make up: Alison Cameron  | Hair: Candice Edwards | Grooms Suit: Reiss  | Groomsmen Suits: Debenhams | Bridesmaid Dresses: Ghost  | Shoes: bridesmaids chose their own | Accessories: Gillian Million | Decor and Production: Stress Free Hire | Food: JPL Catering | Cake: Maisie Fantaisie | Favours: Meringue Girls | Stationery and Favours: Intricate Creations   | Entertainment: Andre Bloomfield and cousin DJ-ing; Ghanaian Dance Troupe

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A Romantic Country Wedding

We adore a contemporary, lavish London wedding, but sometimes nothing beats having the charming English countryside as your canvas. Today we’re revealing the floral details behind a particularly special wedding for us…

Mixing business and pleasure is usually a no-no, but when the Godparents of our Lead Designer’s little boy asked us to create some of their floral arrangements for their big day, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to give back to some dear friends and a gorgeous couple.

The beautiful Charlotte and dapper Tom chose the venues of the Courteenhall Estates in Northamptonshire for this memorable occasion. After the ceremony at the 12th century St Peter & St Paul Church just down the road, everyone headed to the crisp white backdrop of the marquee for the reception, hosted in the grounds of the stunning 18th century Georgian Hall and Estate. The private residency is steeped in history with acres of relaxed, lush green parkland and lawn space - plenty of room for up to 1000 guests and the prettiest setting for a traditional country wedding! The location honestly couldn’t have been more breathtaking, even on a cold day; surroundings complete with a magnificent arboretum, filled with rare trees and shrubs, along with a tranquil water feature and incredible views. We just fell in love with the location and couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect for two amazing people to tie the knot.

We were invited to create a variety of arrangements including pomanders for the flower girls, individual hair buds, buttonholes, ceremony pedestals, a cascading bridal bouquet, hand tied bridesmaid bouquets and hanging floral chandeliers. Together with the couple, we decided on no more than 10 flower and foliage selections, keeping every design consistent across all of the venues visited on the day.

The big, snowball-shaped, powder-blue Hydrangea combined with the white and ‘Green Pom Pom Guelder Rose’ (which actually isn’t a Rose at all) took centre stage with their clusters of flowers and lobed leaves in the pedestals and chandeliers. Complemented by the gorgeous deep blue blooms of Agapanthus Isis - bell-shaped with strong stems over lush green strap-like leaves, white Lisianthus, classic white Lily of the Valley, cornflour-blue Delphinium and glorious Spring foliage. And of course, our luxurious designs aren’t done without the most sought after Avalanche Rose - a large, white blowsy rose with a hint of green, multi-layered petals and a sturdy tall cut stem.

For the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and the incredibly pretty pomanders, we also featured the soft Avalanche Rose along with white Lisianthus, lilac-blue Nigella ‘Love-In-A-Mist’ (which appear spikey but actually have delicate, papery petals), Grape Hyacinth 'Muscari’ (which resemble tiny bunches of grapes) and the tubular spikes of Veronica.

Finally, we completed the outfits with just three of the petite white Spray Roses for a chic and simple finishing touch to Charlotte’s hair and a traditional red rose for Tom’s buttonhole.

Everything from the floral designs to the details on the day made this such a magical moment for us, getting to spend it with a couple that mean so much. We’re delighted we were able to play a part of their wedding.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Venue: Courteenhall Estate | Photography: Natasha Thompson | Dress: Boa Boutique | Make up: By Natalie | Groom Suits: Moss Bros | Bridesmaids: Maids to Measure | Flower Girls: Belle Zara | Page Boys: Little Eglantine | Video: Shoot It Yourself | Marquee: T&L Marquees | Candelabra  Hire: Wedding Day Hire | Caterers: Lemon Zest | Cake: Zoe Gilham Cake Artist | Singing Waiters: Encore Entertainment | Bar and Drinks: Liquid Bars

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What Wedding Flowers Do I Need?

Ollie and Hannah Wedding Flowers

One common misconception when wedding planning is that you need to have flowers for everybody in your wedding party and/or on every table, in every room and at every venue you will be visiting on the day.

If you only want a bouquet, buttonhole and arrangements that can be transported from your ceremony to your reception venue, that’s perfectly okay. Likewise, if you want to go all out and have flower girls, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and full floral decor in all locations, then you absolutely can. It really comes down to budget and personal preferences.  

Today we’re looking at all of the arrangements you might want to consider for your venue(s) and wedding party, and helping you to decide which matter most to you...


Let’s start with the bride(s). Not all brides have bouquets, but most do. Traditionally, bouquets signified new beginnings, and while this still rings true, the bouquet is the perfect accessory to carry (which also helps you to know what to do with your hands in photos). If you decide you would like to have a bouquet, the things to think about are the size, shape, colour palette and type of flowers (ones with meaning, ones which complement your outfit, ones which complement your stature and ones that are scented/unscented).

Another option available for the bridal look is floral hair accessories, in addition to or instead of a bouquet. Floral crowns continue to be popular and can actually be worn with or without a veil. A big trend for 2019 is hair combs and pins, and we’re starting to see this come through into weddings too - embellished with fresh flowers or individual buds as a modern, luxury alternative to the more boho floral crown. If you decide on floral hair accessories, the most important things to think about are how your hair will be styled, what will suit your hair colour best and other jewellery you will be wearing.


Those finishing touches are so important so adding a boutonniere to the groom’s jacket or attached to his shirt or braces in the summer months completes the look of the outfit. This is typically a single flower pinned on the left side (where the heart is) in the same or similar colour as your partner - traditionally to show support of each other. However, a contemporary twist on this is to use foliage or succulents, or even to accessorise with badges, keys or toy characters! If you decide on a boutonniere, consider whether this is going to be with a tie or bow-tie, whether the colour matches the suit and the rest of the floral decor and whether you want to get creative to make it more personal.


Again, a buttonhole or boutonniere completes the outfit. These are usually slightly simpler versions of that of the groom’s - smaller in size or with fewer ingredients.


Despite tradition, it is not absolutely necessary for your bridesmaids to carry a bouquet but it does give them something to do with their hands as they are walking in front of the bride down the aisle and of course, makes attractive wedding photos! The choice is yours really; it could be that these are given to the younger ones if you aren’t having flower girls. Bridesmaid’s bouquets are usually smaller than that of the bride’s and incorporates the same colour theme as the rest of your wedding. If you decide on bridesmaid bouquets, ask them what they would feel comfortable holding and look at what will work well with the bridal bouquet, any floral hair accessories and of course, the outfits.

Wearing a corsage on the wrist is also an option. A corsage leaves their hands free for helping out, dancing and drinking! This is a subtle and cost-effective way to finish their look, while still maintaining consistency. Some of our clients feel they are more suitable for proms than weddings, but it’s all about what you like, and personally, we love them for their symbolism of love, respect and friendship.


Your little flower girls are unlikely to want to carry a full bouquet of flowers, so a smaller floral wand/posie, or a small basket of petals/confetti are just perfect. Simple flower crowns in their hair also makes a girl of any age feel like a princess. If you decide on having flower girls, also ask them what they would feel comfortable holding and look at what will work well with the bride and bridesmaids, any floral hair accessories and of course, the outfits.


Parents and grandparents probably shouldn’t be missed out, after all they are family! Corsages which can be pinned to a jacket or dress are ideal for both the mother(s) and grandmother(s) or can be worn on the wrist. If they didn’t want to wear one, perhaps attaching it on a handbag is an option - that way the flowers won’t get squashed with all those hugs at the wedding!

A buttonhole or boutonniere can be worn by the father or grandfather of the bride(s)/groom(s) on the lapel of their jacket. These are often the same design as the best man’s or groomsmen’s.

It’s usually best to purchase corsages and boutonnieres from the same florist or as a minimum request the same ingredient(s) in the same colour(s) as used in the bride(s)/groom(s) arrangements for everything to work best together on the day.


Let’s not forget any animals that you might have as part of your special day too. We’ve seen floral crowns and garlands on everything from dogs and cats to llamas, pigs, sheep and horses - and we’re here for it! We suspect that if you are already going all out and inviting an alpaca, owl or rabbit to your wedding, you won’t mind splashing out on a few flowers for them too (don’t worry, we’re not judging)!


You can be as simple or lavish as you want regarding your choice of flowers and size of arrangements at your wedding ceremony. Bear in mind the actual venue where your ceremony is taking place as this will have an impact on the amount of flowers you actually need. Flowers can most definitely transform a venue but for some venues you just don’t need an elaborate floral arch or floral wall to stand in front of to say “I do”. A couple of large pedestal arrangements and flowers on the pew ends or draped over the backs of chairs may suffice.

It is usually nice to have flowers over entrances/doorways as that is where you are starting your walk to marriage, if, of course you are getting married inside. If you are getting married in a venue which has a natural elegance and beauty, you won’t need many flowers. A garland over the mantlepiece of a fireplace can work its magic. If for example you are walking down the aisle in a summer meadow setting, the simplicity of a floral arch and a row of natural summer flowers lining the aisle is all you may need. Creating that natural, beauty look is something special.


For the reception, again, consider the actual venue. Think about the size and shape of the tables and the height of ceilings/doors. Do you want tall or low centrepieces or perhaps a garland for long tables. Are you just having floral table decorations or hanging installations such as flowers draping down from chandeliers? Are you, the bride(s)/groom(s), going to make an entrance via a staircase? In which case, do you want flowers going down the stairs, perhaps just at the bottom or none at all? If your reception is in a marquee do you want to hide the marquee poles/pillars with flowers?

It is completely up to you how detailed you want to go - whether you want table setting decorations or just centrepieces, whether you want chair backs and cake flowers. As mentioned earlier, the flowers you use at your wedding ceremony can be transported and used at your reception venue.

There are so many decisions to make but it all comes down to what you really like and what matters most to you as a couple. Even the simplest of floral decor has the power to completely transform a room or outfit.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

Opulent Wedding Theme

Opulence and drama are two of the biggest wedding trends of 2019, and we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to translate this into floral decor than 116 Pall Mall in the heart of London. Today we’re sharing our latest event - a grand affair brought together by a dream team of vendors…

The amazing Rebecca K Events led planning and styling for our opulent wedding themed shoot. Based in London herself, Rebecca and her team are all about stylish, memorable weddings and events. Especially passionate about enabling everyone they work with to embrace the excitement that comes with a special occasion, we resonate so much with this mission that we absolutely wanted to be a part of bringing this shoot idea to life!

Step foot inside 116 Pall Mall and immediately you’ll get the feeling that this isn’t the kind of venue for an understated wedding or event. It can only really be described as magnificent and majestic; wherever you go within its walls you are sure to be blown away. The Georgian building simply oozes the wow factor. Five floors for weddings, corporate and private events, and festive celebrations, each with its original, 19th century features, historical paintings and rich decor, it’s absolutely stunning throughout. We were just in awe of the striking staircase and balcony, above which a beautiful 15ft Regency Chandelier was hanging - it’s truly the perfect setting for any photos to capture the moment. Our shoot was held in The Nash Room - a huge space filled with period charm, ideal for 250 - 350 guests! We just couldn’t wait to get started.

Although it’s such a lavish and large space, it also has so much character of its own meaning not every square inch required being draped in flowers. We created arrangements for the mantelpiece over the gorgeous stone and marble fireplace, tall and low centrepieces for the tables, a wild bridal bouquet and finishing touches such as bud vases, floral decor for the cake and table plan.

Tall, luscious centrepieces are ideal for a room like this with high ceilings and full-length windows. Where we will opt for a single tall centrepiece on a round table, (like we did for our London Fusion Wedding Theme) a series of tall centrepieces, a long hanging installation or a cascading runner along a banquet table is much more fitting. For this event, per table, we selected four centrepieces on a fine gold frame - giving the illusion that they are floating, whilst balancing the space between the ceiling and the tables.

Our centrepieces each contained some of our all-time favourite blooms - the soft pastel-pink Sweet Avalanche Rose with its hint of green on the outer petals; the warm-looking, vintage-chic, peach Pearl Avalanche Rose; the small-headed pale pink-peach Jana Spray Rose; the wide, ruffled apricot petals of Lisianthus; and the ombré, large, cupped pale peach Juliet Rose which brings the lightest fragrance of the late David Austin’s Roses.

We also introduced a couple of other lesser-used choices we love - the soft and medium-sized lilac Memory Lane Rose and purple clusters of Chrysanthemums. The beauty of Chrysanthemums in particular is the variety of shapes, sizes and flower heads they come in, making each and every one totally unique.

We filled out each with fresh foliage of rich-green Italian Ruscus, delicate Asparagus Fern leaves and evergreen Eucalyptus. (Did you know that foliage helps to keep the costs down for your floral arrangement(s) if you are on a budget?!)

The same selections featured throughout the mantelpiece floral decor and the wild front-facing bridal bouquet which was tied together with lilac, peach and green ribbon in silk and velvet for that extra touch of luxe.

Lisianthus and Jana Spray Roses were carefully fixed to the table plan and placed in transparent bud vases around the venue, with some additional single Juliet and Pearl Avalanche Roses to compliment the low centrepieces and urn arrangements. The salmon pink flowers and dark-green, lobed leaves of Avignon Chrysanthemums and warm cream Cafe Au Lait Dahlias can also be spotted in our smaller floral designs.

We are delighted with the final result of this opulent wedding theme and are VERY excited that we’ll be working at this venue again for a wedding later this year… so stay tuned on our blog for the gallery and story behind that special day.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


Flowers: Miriam Faith | Planning and Design: Rebecca K Events | Venue: 116 Pall Mall | Photography: Claire Graham Photography | Chairs, Linen, Glassware, Crockery: Allens Hire | Cutlery: Classic Crockery | Stationery (invites, menu cards, place cards, escort cards): Jennifers Papers Pics | Cakes: Thirty One Cakes | Hair and Makeup: Olta Citozi for Tori Harris Makeup | Bride’s Getting Ready Attire: The Pantry Underwear | Wedding Dress and Veil: Halfpenny London | Bride’s Shoes: Faber Novella | Groom’s Suit: Kooples | Jean Jackets: Couple’s own 

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“Opulent floral wedding arches are cementing their place as the pièce de résistance of venue décor. An expertly crafted floral arch will pack a real punch in terms of impact. It will instantly upgrade your venue and provide a stunning backdrop for your photographs. If you find yourself lusting over the white garden roses and lush green foliage that welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at St George’s Chapel, take a look at Miriam Faith for floral inspiration for your own big day”. - 6 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


Choosing your wedding flowers is a big part of the planning process for your special day as you want them to reflect the overall style of your wedding and of course, you as a couple.

It can be a pretty daunting task even just knowing where to start, particularly if you don’t really know much about flowers. But not to worry! Today we are sharing our top tips for choosing your wedding flowers and gathering ideas before you even meet with florists


Before beginning to choose which flowers you want, sit down with your partner and/or whoever is paying for the wedding, and work out a budget. It is vital to have a breakdown of how much you can realistically spend. If money is no object then of course your options will be wider and you can have as many flowers as you want, but if your budget is tighter, you don’t have to miss out - it is still absolutely possible for you to have beautiful flowers for your wedding. Seasonal flowers will be at their best and are actually cheaper than having blooms that are sourced all year round (you might like to read Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much? and our guides to What Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers?, Winter Wedding Flowers and Spring Wedding Flowers for some more inspiration on this topic). Adding luscious greenery to bouquets or floral arrangements provides shape and texture and is a cost-effective option. Also, it is possible to reuse floral displays from your ceremony to the reception venue, so keep this in mind as a possibility too.


Heard of “the language of flowers”? Flowers either symbolise something or have a meaning; we’re INCREDIBLY passionate about that here and will take time to learn more about what is important to you so your arrangements are truly special. Although you may not necessarily be aware of what each flower represents, this may be something you wish to take into account when choosing your blooms. A particular flower could be personal and have real significance to your relationship or is a favourite of a family member or friend that you wish to include in your wedding bouquet.


There are many blogs, social media accounts, wedding/florist websites and magazines to look at now and also wedding fairs you can go to to get some inspiration. An important question to ask yourself is “How do I want my wedding day to look and feel”? Do you want a traditional wedding? Formal? Fun? Modern? Luxury? Romantic? Elegant? Glamorous? Country Garden? Rustic? and so on. Start writing down the style that you want, using descriptive words. If you’re not sure of this, pick out some key elements and palettes you like - this will help you to identify any complementary or contrasting themes. Many flowers have a range of different shades so it needs to be established whether it is possible to have a perfect colour match or one that complements or contrasts it.


Once you have booked your wedding venue for both the ceremony and the reception things will become clearer. Looking at the decor in the venue is an excellent starting point for you to move forward. While your florist can advise what is possible, you can create a Pinterest or Vision Board with images that you like, showing your favourite styles, colours, shapes and textures. You might also like to use photos of weddings which have previously been held at your future wedding venue to provide a better indication of how big/small the room is once decorated and occupied, and provide inspiration of floral displays previously used.


The size of the flowers also need to be taken into consideration. If you are petite, a large bouquet could hide you. Also you don’t want large floral arrangements if the venue is small or vice versa. They need to look as though they belong within that particular setting. Even the shape of your tables at your reception can influence the shape and style of your centrepieces. A long, cascading floral garland wouldn’t look as dreamy on a circular table as it would on a banquet table.


You may not like a particular scent or you, your partner or guests may have an allergy so again it is important to bear this in mind when choosing your flowers. Some flowers have little or no fragrance, some are stronger in the evening and some will give off an aroma all day. Again, this brings us back to meaning too; is there a scent that is significant to you as a couple or reminds you of someone who can’t be there on your special day?


One trend we’ve noticed over the past few years is the importance of sustainability when it comes to choosing wedding flowers. More and more couples want to know how their flowers were sourced, how they will be cared for and what happens to them after the wedding day. It’s worth considering whether this is important to you and to explore what options there are out there.


Unsurprisingly, choosing outfits for you, your partner and your wedding party is one of the most exciting, stressful but rewarding parts of the wedding planning process. For some, flowers will be more, less or equally as important, but we all want bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and other accessories to match what we’re wearing. The colours, shapes and styles can all have an impact on your flower selections. To get an idea for what works best, you could take cuttings from magazines, photographs or swatches of fabric from your wedding outfits.


Your wedding florist can advise you regarding your choice of flowers and help to create your dream floral decor possible within your budget. Use Instagram to look at a whole variety of wedding florists (even those recommended to you). Whether you find these yourself or are referred by a friend, your venue or wedding planner, this will help to give you a feel for what you are and aren’t looking for specifically with floral arrangements before you look into costs. As you will have already planned your budget, you know what you have available, so can focus on what it is you really like and take this to each florist. We’ve put together a guide on What To Ask A Wedding Florist Before Booking to help you!

The consultation appointment is an important stage of the planning process. Show the wedding florist your Pinterest/vision board or scrapbook of what you like but be open minded - it’s not always possible to have everything you want, particularly when you are working within a set budget. Your florist will be able to say whether what you envisage would be possible or provide alternative ideas whilst considering what is most important to you.

Your vision can become a reality with the help of your wedding florist. They will ensure that the flowers match the style of your wedding, are the right colours/size/shapes/textures and that they suit the surroundings that they will be in.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers.jpeg

Spring symbolises rebirth and new beginnings so what a wonderful time of year to say “I do”.

You will be spoilt for choice regarding picking your flowers for your special day - there are just so many beautiful, colourful flowers with different shapes, sizes and textures.

To get you thinking about what you might like and what could be available to you, today, we’ve put together this post all about in-season Spring wedding flowers as your go-to guide for inspiration.

Forget Me Not

If you are following the old tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, then this is the flower for you. There are many different species of Forget Me Nots but they only come in white, pink and shades of blue (blue being probably the most commonly known and beloved colour). They have a white-coloured inner ring and vibrant bright yellow little eye in the centre of the flower which provides a strong contrast against its five intricate symmetrical but strong petals. Its deep green, oblong leaves are often stalkless, have blunt tips, a deeply recessed mid-vein, and are covered with fine hairs. These tiny blooms have little or no scent in the daytime but are extremely perfumed in the evening and into the night. In the floral language, the Forget Me Not flower symbolises truthfulness, true love and memory - a perfect starting point for any wedding.


Always a firm favourite to use in bouquets. There is however, a great variation across the different Hellebore plants in fragrance, flower colour, shape (single, double, star-shaped) and size, as well as the foliage (shiny green, others have a light patterning on the leaves, and some are dark and leathery). They are available in a variety of colours - pure white, yellow, red, black, green, and lots of dusky pale pink and purple tones, with the flower symbolising serenity, tranquility and peace - the hope for the marriage for all couples!

Lily Of The Valley

Another traditional, classic bloom. Also known as the May Lily, it means "return to happiness" and symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility. These incredibly delicate and small waxy bell-shaped flowers which dangle from a thin stem have the most exquisite sweet scent. The flowers are normally white, although you can find some with a pale pink hue to them but this is pretty rare! Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had bouquets featuring Lily of the Valley.


Known to symbolise beauty, strength and dignity, Magnolia flowers bloom boldly which is no real surprise when they have six to twelve large petals each. They have dark green, oval-shaped leaves which are leathery in texture. The Magnolia flower is, again, a flower that comes in various shades and colours - white, pink, purple, peach, red, yellow and lavender, bringing with it a pleasant fragrance that has a hint of lemon.


This romantic little flower is also known as “Love in a Mist” because the flowers are surrounded by leaves, giving the appearance of the flowers being surrounded by a mist. There’s an old saying, “say it with flowers.” The Nigella flower definitely sends out the right message that anyone who is getting married wants to hear as it represents harmony and love and is the symbol of the bonds that bind people together. (It doesn’t matter if you were the person who chose this bud - the flower is doing the talking!). The ferny foliage and spiky flowers provide great texture. Best known for the vivid blue variety, Nigella also blooms in purples, pinks, and white - all are ideal for floral hair crowns, as a decoration for pew ends or included in bouquets.


A timeless wedding flower. Year after year, this bloom is always a popular choice and it’s so easy to understand why. Peonies are showstopping in any bouquet or floral arrangement with their large, fluffy luxurious blooms and lavish petal count. They are soft and romantic which totally matches what they epitomise - elegance and romance and are regarded as the omen of good fortune and a happy marriage - just the prophecy you want for your future life! Available in every colour except true blue, they pretty much fit in any colour palette. There is even a coral coloured Peony which is this year’s Pantone Colour of the year so is totally on trend! Different varieties of Peony have different scents from sweet and mild to very aromatic and some have no fragrance whatsoever, so if you are considering the smell of the bloom as well as its appearance, then speak to us and we can advise you further.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are quintessentially English. Not all Sweet Pea flower varieties are fragrant, but the ones that are, live up to their namesake. Each blossom has one large, upright, roundish petal (banner or standard); two narrow side petals (wings); and two lower petals, forming a boat-shaped structure (keel), but if you use your imagination, they do sort of look like mini butterflies on their long straight stems. (We will leave you to make up your own mind on that one)! Symbolising appreciation and blissful pleasure, they come in various shades of every colour you can think of, except yellow. Sweet Peas are SO pretty and delicate that they look gorgeous on their own in a hand-tied bouquet or in simple jars for table decorations.


Symbolising longevity, immortality and wisdom, Wisteria is a natural choice for cascading bouquets as it produces radiant fragrant flowers on long woody vines. It is known for its stunning flowers that range from white to various shades of pink, purple or blue and represents beauty and love.

We adore working with different ingredients in all of our work to create unforgettable memories and complement the celebratory atmosphere of your special occasion. Following our initial consultation, all of our clients also receive a complimentary trip with us to the London flower market to look at flowers, colours and textures and to help you explore every possibility. Whether you want the in-season flowers as featured above, the hottest trend right now, something meaningful to you, have already gathered inspiration or want to start from scratch, this is such a lovely opportunity for us to solidify your combinations and finalise the details of your perfect arrangement(s).


“Many people think that seasonality is the main factor when it comes to cost of wedding flowers. The cost and availability of each stem does vary according to the time of year. For example, Lilacs in August will cost more than Lilacs in May, red Roses will cost more around Valentine’s Day and it’s very hard to find Peonies in Winter. But while season does mean that certain flowers will be at their best, will be more readily available and therefore cheaper, actually, the main driving force is usually the ratio of blooms to foliage and the overall size of arrangements. The larger the display, the more stems that are required”.  (Continue reading)



If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers

From buttonholes and bouquets to centrepieces and ceremony displays, nothing is more glorious or exciting for us than helping a couple's dreams come to life on their big day. But knowing what your floral design dreams are and especially, which flowers are available to you can be confusing when you first meet with a wedding florist for that initial consultation.

One question we get asked is, “which flowers are in season”?

We want to ensure that every detail is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding, so we meet with all of our clients to discuss the types of flowers and colours they would like to use and gain a sense of the overall theme and design for their wedding. From there we can advise as to which flowers will be in season and most suitable based on needs and budget. But to get you thinking about what you might like and what could be available to you, today, we’ve put together this post all about in-season Winter wedding flowers as your go-to guide for inspiration.


A single stem Amaryllis can be expensive and although we may be biased, it is worth paying out for as you don’t need many to make a real impact! Each stem bears three to six very large statement blooms in white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple or bi-colours which are show-stopping in any bouquet or as a single stand-alone flower in bud vases. This trumpet-shaped flower gives the appearance of luxury as its petals look velvety and are able to take centre stage as it has no leaves. Symbolising pride and enchanting beauty, and marking friendship and affection, this lovely selection available in Winter, would be perfect for any wedding.


The Anemone flower (meaning “daughter of the wind” in Greek) certainly stands out in any bouquet or centrepiece, with its delicate cup-shaped petals and striking black centre. It is also ideal as a single buttonhole/boutonniere and in hair crowns. Available in white, blue and a spectrum of shades of red, pink and purple, each colour has its own meaning and symbolism, bringing with it a tall, wiry stem with medium to dark green foliage. Anemones aren’t scented but that can be overlooked as their appearance more than makes up for it.


Exquisite blooms which make for a dramatic display. Fluted, ruffled petals come in either single or double blooms which resemble that of a Rose. Even the glossy, green leaves are appealing. The Camelia flower’s message is one of love and positive thoughts - a perfect start for any marriage!


Did you know that there are over thirty species of Carnation? A low-cost bloom which comes in white and an array of hues of orange, pink, purple, red and yellow as well as bi-colours, makes it a desirable choice for not only Winter weddings but for all seasons. White represents pure love and good luck, light red - admiration and dark red - deep love and affection. This romantic flower has a spicy clove-like fragrance and adds texture to bouquets, table centrepieces and other floral arrangements. Adding Spray Carnations amongst Standard Carnations adds volume to any floral design. They are long-lasting and can also be used in bouquets, for buttonholes, pomanders for flower girls, floral backdrops and to decorate pew ends.


Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this flower differs between the species. The flower heads can be ball or globed shape, daisy-like shape, decorative pompom or button shaped. Colours range from shades of red, pink, yellow, white and purple with some blooms displaying multiple colours. This is an excellent choice for a wedding flower as it symbolises optimism and joy with the red Chrystanthemum representing pure love.

Narcissus (Common name: Daffodil)

Daffodils are usually associated as being the first sign of Spring but they do bloom in February in warmer climates and in the UK when we have had a mild Winter. Symbolising friendship and new beginnings, Daffodils produce trumpet-shaped flowers on a slender stalk and their colours are truly uplifting. The traditional colour is a golden sunshine yellow but they range from yellow and white, yellow and orange, white and orange, salmon hues, pink and lime green. They are ideal for bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces.


Symbolising innocence and friendship, these delicate flowers are a favourite of many people. Each wiry stem produces 5-10 tubular flowers. White Freesias are considered the most fragrant, having a scent so radiantly sweet with a hint of citrus, but the flower can be found in variations of yellow, orange, red, purple, mauve and pink, as well as striped varieties of each colour.


Symbolising happiness, these blooms resemble large Daisies which is why this flower is also known as the African Daisy. A versatile bloom, ideal for bouquets, buttonholes/boutonnieres, centrepieces, they come in red, orange, yellow, pink, white and cream colours. They come in a variety of shapes but there are four main groups - single flowers with a row of non-overlapping petals and a green centre; double with a double row of overlapping petals with a green, black or dark red eye; crested doubles with two rows of overlapping petals with one or more inner rows of shorter petals with a green, black or dark red eye; and full crested doubles which have solid overlapping rows of petals with an inner row reducing in size which covers the eye completely.


A highly fragrant, waxy bell-shaped flower with reflexed petals. It has lots of small blooms which grow close together in dense clusters around one thick stem. The long, narrow, glossy leaves are folded lengthwise. Hyacinths come in shades of white, peach, orange, salmon, yellow, pink, red, purple, lavender and blue, and represent constancy with blue Hyacinths expressing sincerity.


Lacy, star shaped flowers, packed closely together in pompom shape on wooden stems, providing mass and volume from just a few stems, making them perfect in bouquets or centrepieces.


Iris comes from the Greek word meaning rainbow. In the language of flowers it symbolises eloquence. Each Iris has six attractive, colourful lobes - the three inner lobes are petals and the three outer lobes are sepals. The flowers come in all colours of the spectrum apart from red. Based on their colour, Iris’ convey different messages - purple symbolises wisdom and compliments; blue - faith and hope; yellow - passion; and white - purity. Ideal for bouquets, buttonholes/boutonnieres and pops of colours in other floral arrangements.


Strong and sweetly scented (with the fragrance released at night), these tubular, waxy white flowers each come with between four and nine petals (four ovules and two locules). Jasmine flowers are usually gathered in clusters with a minimum of three blooms and oval, shiny leaves. Symbolising deep affection, happiness and elegance - a special selection for any wedding don’t you think? When used in religious ceremonies Jasmine also represents purity.


Despite the name, Lilac comes in a variety of shades of pink, purple, blue and white. Pink is a symbol of friendship and love; purple - first love emotions and protection; blue - a happy life and calmness and white - purity and innocence. Loved for its beauty, elegance and aromatic fragrance, the Lilac flower is also a symbol of confidence. The scent varies from light floral to warm spicy tones. Each individual flower is pristine but they grow in clusters to produce an abundant display of blooms with dark green, heart-shaped leaves.


Often featured in centrepieces in wedding arrangements as well as in bridal bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and boutonnieres, Lisianthus symbolises respect, love, acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement. Lisianthus flowers are attractive in bud as well as in full bloom when their petals form a trumpet or funnel-shaped corolla. One Lisianthus stem may have several blooms along with dark green, oval-shaped leaves so you may not need many to bulk out the bouquet or display.


Phlox is a Greek word meaning “flame'.’ These tall, star-shaped, colourful flowers are eye catching perennials. They typically have five petals and long, narrow leaves. Most common are white, pink, mauve, lavender, blue, orange, red, purple but you can also get two-tone Phloxes.


What can I say about the beautiful, classic and timeless Rose that you don’t already know? It is always a popular choice for weddings. and the good news is that it is available all year round. Of course, there are now a lot more varieties of Rose to choose from with varying shapes, sizes and colours. Starting off from the romance of Valentines Day through to the actual wedding, Roses all have that special meaning. Red roses represent love and respect; white - true love, purity, dignity, chastity; pink - happiness, gratitude and virtue. You can read more about the most popular Roses in this post.


Although this is a budget-friendly choice, these 3D-effect flowers most definitely do not look cheap. They are at their peak from January to May. Symbolising charm, these cup-shaped blooms are mildly scented and come in beautiful pure shapes with layers of paper-thin, silky, delicate petals which surrounds a button centre. Their stems are thin and long and commonly feature several blossoms per stem. Available in a large spectrum of colours, these blooms are a great choice for bud vases, buttonholes and bouquets but are usually used as an accent.


These pretty, white, tiny bell-shaped blooms are one of the first flowers to appear in the new year. A posy or floral display of Snowdrops symbolises optimism and hope.


Bringing a rich, rainbow of vibrant colours and textures to any bouquet or arrangement, the petals of Tulips can be smooth, fringed or ruffled. Part of the Lily family, the flowers are cup-shaped and have 6 tepals which comprise of 3 petals and 3 sepals. Again, a very apt choice for a wedding not just because of its colour and appearance but due to the fact that Tulips symbolise imagination, dreaminess, a perfect lover and a declaration of love. White Tulips in particular represent purity, honour and holiness. Superstition says those who dream about white Tulips are about to experience a fresh start or new beginning in life.

We adore working with different ingredients in all of our work to create unforgettable memories and complement the celebratory atmosphere of your special occasion. Following our initial consultation, all of our clients also receive a complimentary trip with us to the London flower market to look at flowers, colours and textures and to help you explore every possibility. Whether you want the in-season flowers as featured above, the hottest trend right now, something meaningful to you, have already gathered inspiration or want to start from scratch, this is such a lovely opportunity for us to solidify your combinations and finalise the details of your perfect arrangement(s).

“Many people think that seasonality is the main factor when it comes to cost of wedding flowers. The cost and availability of each stem does vary according to the time of year. For example, Lilacs in August will cost more than Lilacs in May, red Roses will cost more around Valentine’s Day and it’s very hard to find Peonies in Winter. But while season does mean that certain flowers will be at their best, will be more readily available and therefore cheaper, actually, the main driving force is usually the ratio of blooms to foliage and the overall size of arrangements. The larger the display, the more stems that are required”. (Continue reading)

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers?

From a delicate sprig of lavender on a table place setting, to a show stopping ceremony arch or glorious flower chandelier, we love the power of flowers to enchant and delight. But choosing which ones to go for can certainly be overwhelming when first faced with the challenge.

One question we get asked is, “what do people usually go for”?

For some couples, having the most popular wedding flowers in their arrangements is a must, while others like to take inspiration from them and work with our lead designer to come up with something truly bespoke. We will ask you the all important questions during our consultation to find exactly what you’re looking for, but today, we’re bringing you our guide to beloved wedding flowers to give you some ideas as you get started …


If you have read previous posts from us or scrolled through our gallery, it will come as no surprise that Roses have made it into the “Most Popular Wedding Flowers” blog post. We ADORE them, but it’s not about us… our clients are crazy about them too! The classic red rose is a symbol of love and romance meaning it’s the epitome of a wedding, but there are so many different varieties you can choose from. Here are just a few our clients love:

White O’Hara Roses

The White O’Hara Rose (our all-time favourite for its delightfully pure and aesthetic appearance) takes a more traditional garden Rose shape. It is a large, romantic French Rose and although the name suggests that it’s white, it actually has pinkish petals that give it a blush tone - incredibly feminine and flattering. The several layers of petals open fully into quarters and give off a strong, fruity fragrance which we are positive why it’s in demand.

Avalanche Roses

The Avalanche Rose is often nicknamed “The Queen of Roses” for the oversized head, multi-layered petals and sturdy, tall-cut stem. It’s ideal for bouquets, centrepieces, venue decor and all-Rose arrangements. Coming in white, champagne, peach, pale pink, dark pink and soft green; the pale pink Rose looks like dreamy porcelain with a slightly darker centre and a hint of green around the outer petals which fades as it opens - seriously chic! Also loved are the Sweet Avalanche Rose (soft, pastel pink with that same subtle hint of green) and the Pearl Avalanche Rose (warm salmon/champagne colour with herbaceous foliage) - both represent longing, mystery, glamour and gratitude.

David Austin Garden Roses

David Austin Roses are a lovely example of old-meets-new where traditional garden Roses are bred with modern Roses to create highly fragrant flowers. That being said, one of the most popular - the Juliet Garden Rose - has the lightest fragrance of all of the David Austin cut Roses - reminiscent of Snowdrops and Daffodils. The pale peach buds open to reveal deeper inner tones, neatly arranged and nestled in folds within its heart. It’s a beautifully, deep-cupped rosette, producing large, elegant blooms with strong stems and high petal counts. Another favourite is the saucer-shaped Prince Jardiniere Garden Rose which comes in a very pale pink shade with a strong, sweet scent and swirly, velvety petals.

(Bombastic) Spray Roses

Spray roses are miniature standard roses, with the Bombastic Spray Rose being the smallest of them all. Petite with their intricate features make them perfect for corsages, centrepieces, as an accent, combined with opulent foliage or bunched together to form a much bigger arrangement. If you want to include something that represents remembrance, brings an intensely sweet scent and lots of clusters on a single stem, the Spray Rose would be quintessential.


What do you get if we say you can choose from light aqua, aqua, light blue, blue, dark blue, lavender, purple, dark purple, blue-violet, lilac, light pink, pink, hot pink, magenta, red, yellow, fall yellow, orange, peach, black, green, Christmas green and lemon green? Stressed. (Just kidding, we can help you to decide exactly what you want!) Actually, you get the breathtaking, lacy, star-shaped flowers of Hydrangea. Packed closely together in a pom-pom shape, the delicate heads have an abundance of petals in a big, rounded flower cluster making it a common centrepiece preference in particular.


The Peony is a classic. Timeless and versatile, it’s in season from April to late June, with the most luxurious, lush, full-rounded heads. It may look delicate but it’s one tough cookie! There are so many colours to choose from, with each having its own unique meaning but symbolising good fortune and a happy marriage. Select from white, multi (pink with cream tones), fuchsia pink, rosy mauve, coral, copper-orange, red, mahogany-black, lavender, green and bright yellow for a fragrant and incredibly romantic display; especially in arches, on hoops and as part of hanging installations.


The Anemone is one of the easiest to recognise with the eye-catching black centre, graceful petals, medium to dark green foliage and tall, wiry stems. Available from Winter through to Spring, attainable in lilac-purple and shades of pink, white, red and blue, and without a scent, the Anemone flower each has its own meaning and symbolism just like the Peony. Our clients have worked with us to use it in everything from pew ends to posies and bouquets to backdrops.


Representing respect, love, acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement, Lisianthus is often a popular pick for this reason alone. It’s a large-stemmed, gentian-like, bell-shaped flower with oval-shaped, dark green leaves and four wide ruffled petals surrounding funnel-shaped corolla; making it so attractive in bud and in full bloom. Deep purple is the most sought-after colour, with it also coming in white, rose, green, blue-violet, champagne, cream and bi-colours. We often feature it in centrepieces, bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and boutonnieres. Our clients are as big fans of Lisianthus as we are, as it comes with several flowers, creating a full-finish without needing to bulk out the display with anything additional (which always helps to keep costs down).


If you’re all about having flowers that are sure to make a big impact from appearance alone, Dahlias are the one for you. Coming in a variety of colours (including different shades of red, pink, purple, rust, yellow and white; and excluding blue, black and green) but with little to no scent, their curved and pointed petals are a softer take on striking selections. Our clients are often fond of their symmetry and composites of central and surrounding florets.


Mildly scented and cup-shaped, Ranunculus make up the perfect accent flower. Available in a large spectrum of colours, contributing layers of paper-thin, delicate petals with a sublimely silky texture and long, thin stems. Each white, cream, yellow, orange, red, purple or salmon bloom has a button centre which creates a 3D effect, meaning it makes a statement whether used alone or amongst other flowers. A great, budget-friendly commission of beautiful, pure shapes - it definitely brings charm to any floral design.


Born in the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that our Lead Designer, Miriam, loves Tulips as much as our clients do! Part of the Lily family and symbolising imagination, dreaminess, a declaration of love and the perfect lover, Tulips bring a rich, vibrant colour and texture to any bouquet or arrangement; possible in white, cream, yellow, orange, pale pink to deep burgundy and near magenta to blue-violet. Each cup-shaped flower has six tepals (the outer parts of the flower) which comprise of three smooth, fringed or ruffled petals and three sepals (which enclose the petals).


An alluring fragrance of fresh, sweet notes, wiry stems and trumpet-shaped flowers - Freesia symbolises innocence and friendship. Each stem produces 5-10 flowers and comes in shades of red, golden yellow, orange, white, pink, lavender, purple mauve and bi-colours.


The best thing about succulents? They are available all year round! They also bring different shapes and textures to any floral design. The greenery wedding theme has become increasingly popular in recent years (even becoming the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017), with a nod to sustainability and a contemporary twist on luxury at a more affordable price. Succulents can be used on their own as a buttonhole/boutonniere, in a centrepiece or as stunning concluding touch to complement other choices in bouquets or table arrangements. We often use them alongside herbs, leaves, ferns, grasses and shrubs, adding a stylish finish with depth and movement to our client’s decor.


Despite the name, the Lilac Flower actually comes in a variety of colours including shades of pink, purple, blue and white. All are ideal for wedding flowers, with pink being a symbol of friendship and love, purple being a symbol of emotion and protection, blue being a symbol of a happy life and calmness, and white being a symbol of purity and innocence. Lilac is popular for its beauty, elegance and gorgeous fragrance - a varied scent from light, floral to warm, spicy tones. The flower itself represents confidence and grows in clusters to produce an abundant display. Each individual flower is pristine with dark, heart-shaped leaves - we can totally see why it’s a favourite of our clients!

We adore working with different ingredients in all of our work to create unforgettable memories and complement the celebratory atmosphere of your special occasion. Following our initial consultation, all of our clients also receive a complimentary trip with us to the London flower market to look at flowers, colours and textures and to help you explore every possibility. Whether you want the most popular flowers as featured above, the hottest trend right now, something meaningful to you, have already gathered inspiration or want to start from scratch, this is such a lovely opportunity for us to solidify your combinations and finalise the details of your perfect arrangement(s).

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

London Fusion Wedding Theme

We LOVE luxury, and where better to work on an event all about that than the 5* Shangri-La Hotel, London?! Teaming up with some of our favourite vendors for a fusion wedding theme, we created what could be the dreamiest decor we’ve ever done…

The Shangri-La Hotel is one of those venues which is particularly special just as it is. Not only is it inside the iconic Shard which has the most breathtaking panoramic skyline views, (you’ll see plenty of London from level 34!) but it’s a truly state-of-the-art space, ideal as the backdrop for any wedding, civil ceremony or event.

But it wasn’t just the venue that made this occasion magical. Once again, we worked with the gorgeous Sharn from Desi Bride Dreams (a bespoke Asian wedding planner) and the team from Peekaboo Events (who provide creative, statement and sophisticated decor) to transform the room into a classic-meets-contemporary blend.

For the grand staircase, we chose an abundant, cascading floral design down one side, while the other side housed cylinder vases with tealights and unique chandelier-shaped glass candelabras which perfectly complimented the double-height windows.

Our arrangement was made up of luscious foliage such as the woody, evergreen leaves of Ivy, delicate leaves of Asparagus Fern, shiny green leaves of Laurel and the angled stems of the Guelder Rose shrub. We don’t use the Guelder Rose all that often, but we love its’ contrast of large, white outer flowers and inner bell-shaped flowers! Paired with the ruffled edges and soft textured petals of the graceful White Snapdragon, pastel pink, pure, Sweet Avalanche Rose, the oversized, multi-layered Avalanche Rose, highly fragrant (and our favourite of all time) White O’Hara Rose, petite Bombastic Spray Rose and funnel-shaped Lisianthus. Talk about making sure guests would really make an entrance!

Now, we need to discuss THAT hoop (also known as a circle arch, giant wreath or moon ring). Images of this hoop have been our MOST LIKED photos on Instagram ever (we don’t blame you)! We’ve previously shared how the ring/circle is a symbol of eternity, making it a must in a wedding or civil ceremony. Whether you want to make a statement with one as big as this, or have subtle nods to it, we can absolutely work with you to create floral decor you love.

For this design, we chose to use two hoops as our structure - allowing us to go bigger and better with this opulent arrangement. Just like the staircase, we used dark green, five-pointed leaves of Ivy and vertically-hanging, leathery leaves of Eucalyptus for a rich base. (Did you know - Eucalyptus actually means ‘well covered’; we’d say that was pretty fitting for this creation)! To maintain a consistent feel throughout the room, we continued with the Sweet Avalanche Rose, Avalanche Rose, White O’Hara Rose, miniature Bombastic Spray Rose, White Snapdragon, Lisianthus and Guelder Rose. Notice the blush pink and gold marble stands the hoops were supported by? They are SO beautiful, we think we need these on hand permanently!!! (Oh, and these are completely on-trend for 2019)!

The centrepieces are definitely reflective of a few 2019 wedding trends too. Architectural installations, metallic accents, bringing the outside in, larger blooms and all-out-glamour are the chic elements for this year that we can totally get behind.

Standing tall on constructed gold bars, our floral arrangement of course saw the same Sweet Avalanche Rose, Avalanche Rose, White O’hara Rose, Bombastic Spray Rose, White Snapdragons, Lisianthus, Guelder Rose, Ivy and Eucalyptus. We re-introduced the feathery leaves of Asparagus Fern and this time, carefully bunched the lobed leaves of Oak (which has almost no stem). Remember we mentioned larger blooms being popular again? Well, the White Hydrangeas we selected certainly live up to that! Lacy flower heads with an abundance of petals closely packed together - we’re kind of obsessed with how they completed the centrepieces!

Finally, that brings us onto the bouquet… with everything you’ll already recognise (Sweet Avalanche Rose, Avalanche Rose, White O’Hara Rose, Bombastic Spray Rose and Lisianthus) plus one very pertinent bloom: the tubular, waxy white flowers and the shiny, oval leaves of Jasmine. The epitome of happiness and elegance, it had to make an appearance in this hand-tied bouquet.

From the super stylish marble tables, gold tableware and amber lighting to the geometric cake, exquisite laser-cut place cards, finely detailed dresses and of course all of our floral arrangements, we are incredibly proud of how this fusion wedding theme came together.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to create your dream wedding/event through floral design, then why not get in touch today? You can also click here to learn more about our process and click here to follow us on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.

Flowers: Miriam Faith Floral Design | Photography: Anneli Marinovich Photography | Planning and Styling: Desi Bride Dreams | Decor: Peekaboo Events | Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, At the Shard, London | Fashion Stylist: Styled By Sonal | Make Up Gini Bhogal | Dresses: Morgan Davies Bridal | Jewellery: Mara and Elle | Shoes: Aruna Seth | Tableware: Classic Crockery | Cake: Crème De La Cakes | Stationery: Intricate Creations | Model: Sydonnie Cousins

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